Affectionately called "a force of nature," Sassy is a motivational speaker who uses her life experiences to uplift and deter others from making the same mistakes she made. 

A self professed "Grace Case," Sassy is also a writer who has been writing for over a decade. Her unique style has been said to be thought provoking and more emotional than most.  Sassy is also an accomplished writer who has been featured in national magazines such as Essence.

Through daily affirmations and uplifting posts, she has made an impression on thousands in a short period of time. Her segment, Sassy Says, a staple on the weekly radio broadcast "Sunny's World," is rapidly becoming a must hear. 

She believes in being an open book and through that, hopes that her life experiences will help deter others from potentially catastrophic life altering situations. 

Her mantra, "love me or hate me, I'm me unapologetically," has helped define her candid writing and sassy speaking style. She believes that she didn't survive to be basic and as such has dedicated herself to not only living her best life, but encouraging others to do the same. 


"Sassy Says" (#SassySays) is a movement designed to

propel you into your greater self. Sassy uses positive

self talk, affirmations, life coaching & motivational

speaking to help you live the absolute best life

imaginable. Through daily blog posts, messages and

a bi-weekly radio segment, Sassy brings you into her

world of contagious positivism. It is her hope that

you can, through her candor about her own life

experiences, walk boldly and confidently into all

that life has to offer you.